Bob Jones Has a Point

20 Jul 2016

It seems there is not a day that goes by without another article on Aucklands housing crisis. Whilst there are certainly issues to be dealt with, I enjoyed the clear thinking that Bob Jones, who is always known as a straight shooter, conveyed in his posting on Kiwiblog.

Essentially, stop keep moving to Auckland if you don't like the cost of housing. The value increases in Auckland can be seen as a reflection of what a great place it is to live.  Auckland is regarded as one of the best cities in the world,  especially in light of whats happening in the world right now.  Auckland is an international city and should be compared as such. Is the supply side of the equation going to be sorted soon, short answer no, medium term answer, yes.

Everyone is racing to supply land at the moment. However, even if we could supply a lot more land immediately, we don't have the production capacity in the building industry to handle it. Ultimately this is all going to sort itself out, but it will take time and property for the foreseeable future will continue to increase in value, possibly just at a slower rate.

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