22 Jul 2019

Why you need to buy in Auckland NOW
Less competition - New Zealand’s real-estate market is relatively flat at present, especially in Auckland - this means there is less competition from other buyers and you might be able to secure a property for less than you think. 
Sharp building prices – Builders forward pipeline is not as strong as it used to be.  Because of this a lot of builders are offering sharper prices to maintain their workflow.  In fact, the building prices are currently the lowest we’ve ever seen for several years at KEY2.
Land costs are lower – this coupled with great build prices make for an EXCELLENT buy.
Interest rates - The good times keep on coming for borrowers. BNZ has now joined the mortgage war and slashed its two-year mortgage rate for owner-occupiers to a market-leading 3.79%. Mortgage rates are likely to fall further over the course of the year.
Lack of forward land supply – land developers are holding back on further developments due to the current market prices.  
This opportunity won’t be here forever.  Make your move.