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A Personal Journey: Progress Update on 9 Te Kawau Pass, Greenhithe

March 5, 2024

Nestled atop the picturesque vistas of Greenhithe, overlooking Hobsonville with stunning views extending up the Waitemata Harbour, lies a dream in the making. Newly owned by a Paul and Hayley Minors, who fell in love with the land's unobstructed panoramas, 9 Te Kawau Pass is not just a house; it's a vision of their future.

Commissioned by the proud owners and designed by the esteemed Michael Cooper Architects, this contemporary masterpiece is being crafted by the skilled hands of David Reid Homes. As the project unfolds, it's not just about bricks and mortar—it's about turning their vision into reality.

From the initial concept to the first shovel in the ground, every step reflects the Paul and Hayley's unique taste and style. The split-level design, carefully curated interiors, and seamless integration of indoor-outdoor living spaces are a testament to their vision of modern luxury.

As excavation and pile-driving mark the beginning of this remarkable journey, Paul and Hayley eagerly anticipate the day they'll call this place home. From selecting materials to envisioning each room's purpose, they're actively involved in every decision, ensuring that the final result is a true reflection of their dreams.

While the house itself boasts 4 bedrooms, an office, and an array of modern amenities, it's the personal touches that truly make it theirs. From the covered patio where they'll share meals with loved ones to the pool where they'll unwind against a backdrop of breathtaking views, every detail speaks to their aspirations and desires.

As the project progresses, the excitement builds, knowing that each milestone brings them one step closer to the home they've always imagined. With a land size of 985m² and a total house size of 311m², this isn't just a house—it's a legacy in the making, a testament to their commitment to creating a life of beauty and tranquility in one of Auckland's most coveted locations.

Stay tuned as we continue to share updates on this extraordinary journey—a journey that's as much about the people behind it as it is about the house itself.



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