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SBS Bank Makes a Strategic Splash in the Mortgage Market with a Focus on New Builds

April 28, 2024

SBS Bank Makes a Strategic Splash in the Mortgage Market with a Focus on New Builds

As the autumn real estate season begins to slow down, SBS Bank is shaking up the mortgage market with a strategic and timely move. While transaction levels typically decrease after the long ANZAC weekend, marking a quieter period, SBS Bank has opted to seize the moment by significantly slashing their fixed mortgage rates, aiming to attract a considerable share of the market, including those interested in new builds.

Strategic Rate Cuts Across the Board

SBS Bank has sharply reduced their 2, 3, 4, and 5-year fixed mortgage rates. The standout is the three-year fixed rate of 5.99%, effective from April 20, 2024, which not only offers a competitive edge by being 66 basis points lower than the main banks' rates but also 20 basis points below the previous market leader, Heartland Bank. The new 4 and 5-year rates at 6.19% also set a market-leading precedent.

A Closer Look at New Builds

Recognising the growing interest in new constructions, SBS Bank's aggressive rate reductions are particularly appealing for those looking to invest in new builds. Financing a new construction can often come with unique challenges, such as timing the disbursement of funds and managing construction delays. SBS Bank's attractive rates for longer-term fixed mortgages provide a financial cushion that can help mitigate some of the typical financial uncertainties associated with new constructions.

Market Implications and Opportunities

This bold move by SBS Bank is not just about offering lower rates; it's about positioning themselves as a go-to bank for diverse mortgage needs, including new builds. With lower rates, prospective homeowners might find it more feasible to invest in custom-built homes, which can be tailored to meet specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, these competitive rates are likely to challenge other lenders in the market, prompting them to reconsider their own offerings not just for traditional mortgages but also for new constructions.

Advice for Prospective Home Builders

For those considering new builds, now might be an excellent time to secure financing. The lower rates from SBS Bank can significantly impact the total cost of building a new home. Prospective builders should also consider the benefits of fixed-rate mortgages in maintaining stable payments throughout the construction phase and beyond. Tools like mortgage calculators and specific advice on financing new constructions are valuable resources that can help in planning and executing your building project effectively.


With its strategic rate reductions, SBS Bank is making a significant impact in the mortgage market, particularly appealing to those looking into new builds. This move not only offers immediate financial benefits but also indicates a broader commitment to supporting the housing needs of New Zealanders, providing stability and predictability in a fluctuating economic landscape. For more detailed rate information and specific offerings for new builds, visit the SBS Bank website.


Russell Benshaw: KEY2

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